New caching controls added on a per-page basis

You can now choose, for any page, whether or not you want it to be cached. There is a new drop-down selector in the page editor, with the simple choices of cacheable or non-cacheable.

In general, you want pages to be cached on the server, because it can speed up the site significantly. In some cases, however, you emphatically do not want pages cached, such as when a user is logged in and information is being displayed that it specific to that user.

Webvanta has long had a page type misleadingly called "Ajax", which was simply a normal, but non-cacheable, page. It was intended for page fragments being fetched via ajax calls from other pages.

Until this recent enhancement, however, there was no way to select one of the database-driven page types, such as Item or Variable, and also make the page non-cacheable. Now you can!

(If you are a typical Webvanta user, this probably makes no sense to you, and you can ignore it. For those of you who longed for a non-cached item page, this is for you.)

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