Database export now available

You can now easily export all your database content.

  1. Click on the Database tab (not on any of the drop-down menu items).
  2. Near the bottom right of the Database main page, click the link Export Database Items.
  3. Choose the item type you want to export from the pop-up list.
  4. Click Export.

A CSV file will then be downloaded to your computer after a short while.

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    jim merrick

    This is great for making mass-edits or database structure changes, as well as backups (we don't need no stinkin' backups!) If you could add comments, messages and form submissions, that would be great as well.


    Thanks guys!

    - Jim

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    This is great, thanks!  One suggestion though - for custom forms where data is submitted to the database, it would be great if the export file included the date that the form data was submitted.

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