New related item type supports multiple related items of same type

You can now set up multiple related item fields in a custom item type definition, with each of them pointing to the same related item type but with a different name and a different value.

This is a little hard to grasp in the abstract, so let's give an example. Suppose you have a site that tracks horse-racing results. You have an item type of "horse", and an item type of "race". In the "race" item type definition, you can have a related item pointing to "horse" to identify the winner.

The new capability is that you can now have related items for "show" and for "place", with the "win", "place", and "show" relations all relating to "horse", and each can have its own value. (In the past, all related items of a type would be in one "pool" of related items.)

To use this feature, select the "Single Shared Item" field type, instead of Related Items.

Note that this feature currently supports only a single related item for each field (such as in the win, place, and show horses). If you need multiple related items in one set, then use the older Related Items field type. In the future, we'll support a hybrid of the two.

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