New UI and Many New Capabilities for Images and Other Uploaded Files

We've extensively revamped the way uploaded files (typically images and PDF files, but they can be anything) are handled. Virtually all of the capabilities that are available for database items are now available for files as well, plus there are a few special capabilities.

In addition to an all-new design for the Files admin screen (formerly called Images & Files), we've added many new capabilities:

  1. Use any taxonomies to organize files. In the past, you could use categories and tags to organize files. Now you can associate any taxonomies you want with your uploaded files. You specify which taxonomies are associated with assets via the Global Setting asset.metadata.settings. For details see Using File Metadata Fields.
  2. Control the sort order of files when accessing them on pages. When you access files using the <w:assets:each> iterator, you can now control the sort order by specifying the "sort" attribute, which can be set to any metadata field.
  3. Select files using conditions. Just as when iterating through database items, you can now select files based on conditions, such as the value of any field. In addition, the condition can test the filename, and it can use regular expressions to test for a range of filenames (such as condition="filename =~ *.jpg$" to iterate through all files that end in .jpg).
  4. Paginate lists of files. Just as when iterating through database items, you can paginate lists of files.
  5. Provide file preview images. You can now provide a preview image along with a non-image file, such as spreadsheet or a PDF, which is displayed in the Files admin interface and can also be accessed on your pages.
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