Now you can easily attach multiple files as related assets

We've added some new features that make it much easier to attach several images or documents to a database item as related assets.

Suppose, for example, you have a database item for fishing reports, or real-estate listings, or concerts, or products. You may have several, or even dozens, of photos that you want to connect to a single item.

You've long been able to do this with Webvanta, but the workflow was tedious; you had to add assets one at a time. Each time, you had to navigate to and select the folder to which you wanted to upload them. And there was no way to create a folder from the item page, so you had to do that first via Content > Images & Files.

We've now added a few new features to streamline this workflow:

  • There's a new button in the Related Assets chooser UI that appears on an item create/edit page, labeled "Add Files from Zip". Click this button, select your zip file, and you're done! All of the files in the zip will be attached to the current database item as related assets.
  • When you use "Add Files from Zip", we automatically create a folder for the uploaded files. The folder name will be the name of the zip file, and that folder will itself be put in a folder whose name is the name of the custom item type. The folder creation is all automatic. So if you have an item type "Concert" and you upload a zip named "Rolling Stones Photos", those photos will all go into a folder "Rolling Stones Photos" that is within the folder "Concert". A new folder will be created for every zip file you upload.
  • If you are using the traditional workflow, in which you click "Add File" instead of "Add Files from Zip", you can now select multiple files by holding down the shift key while clicking on them, and they will all be attached.
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