Importing multiple RSS feeds into your database

Do you want to display information from RSS feeds on your site? You can do this with JavaScript widgets, but that approach has a few significant limitations:

  1. You can't filter or organize the content, other than what you can do dynamically in JavaScript each time you display the page.
  2. The information from the feeds is not available in your site search.
  3. The content from the feeds is not seen by search engines, since they ignore JavaScript, so your site gets no SEO value from having this content on your site.
  4. The information is loaded each time the page is loaded, so performance can suffer.

A better approach, in many cases, is to periodically import content from RSS feeds into your database. Then you can sort, filter, and display it however you want, just like any database content.

From Google's perspective, this content is on your site, just like any other content. It's a great way to have growing, frequently updated content on your site with virtually no effort.

(Note: you must ensure that you are complying with any licensing restrictions for the content. Typically, but not always, content owners are fine with your displaying an excerpt of their content as long as it links back to them for the full text. It's your responsibility to ensure that you aren't infringing on the rights of the content owner.)

So What's New?

Webvanta has long had the ability to import a single RSS feed; see Importing Information from RSS Feeds for details.

Now you can specify any number of RSS feeds, and assign the content for each to a different category.

To choose feeds, click on the Database tab of the control panel (the top tab, not any of the drop-downs). In the lower right corner of the Database control panel page, you'll find a link to Manage Feed Processors. That will take you to a page where you can specify the feeds.

A few important notes:

  • This feature is in beta, and the user interface is a little awkward. 
  • Feed content can only be imported into Link items, though you can use any link type to segregate them into types.
  • You need to enter an exact match for the category name to which you want to assign a feed.
  • This feature is limited to our higher-end plans. You can import 1 feed with the Pro plan, 5 feeds with the Plus plan, and unlimited feeds with the Premium plan.
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