Tags now easier to create and add for blog posts and other items

Until recently, tags in the Webvanta system have been second-class citizens, with all the good stuff reserved for categories. Tags have now received a major upgrade.

Previously, you had to create tags via Database > Tags before you could use them. This was awkward when you just wanted to add a tag to an item, and the tag did not already exist.

A tag field is now available for all built-in item types (blog posts, articles, events, books, and links). In this field, you can enter any number of tags as a comma-delimited list.

As you type the tag names, an autocomplete function will suggest matching tags once you have typed a few characters. This helps avoid creating multiple tags that are slight variants of each other (such as "animal" and "animals") and also speeds up entry.

If a tag does not already exist, it is automatically created. So while you can still go to Database > Tags to create tags, you probably won't ever need to. (You'll still use that screen if you want to delete tags.)

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