You can now have Related Assets for blog posts and other built-in item types

When you create a custom database type in Webvanta, you can add whatever fields you want. One popular option is "Related Assets", which is used most commonly to associate a set of images with a database item.

Related assets have not, however, been available for our built-in item types. Now they are! This is especially useful when you want to associate a set of photos, instead of only the single "icon" image, with a blog post or article. You can, for example, show a photo gallery for each blog post.

This feature is disabled by default, so existing sites will not see any change. To enable it, add a Global Setting (via Settings > Global Settings), as specified below.

Item Types AffectedGlobal Setting NameGlobal Setting Value
Articles and Blog Posts node.articles.related.assets Set to "true" to enable
Articles and Blog Posts node.articles.related.assets.label Optional label for the asset picker (e.g., "Photos")
Links, Events, and Books node.links.related.assets Set to "true" to enable
Links, Events, and Books node.links.related.assets.label Optional label for the asset picker (e.g., "Photos")

To access the related assets, use the same WebvantaScript as for custom item types, as described in the support article Working with Related Assets

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