Logging in to your site

There's several ways to log in to the admin control panel for your site.

The primary method is to browse to:

  • http://subdomain.webvanta.com/login

This accesses a customizable login page, which you'll find in the System folder of your site. Using this page allows you to make the login page look like the rest of your site, and you can style the form however you want.

If your site has been assigned a full domain, then you can also log in at:

  • http://mysitedomain.com/login

Once a full domain name has been assigned, the Webvanta subdomain remains available as an alias; both URLs go to the same site.

You can also access this same login page by visiting our main site (www.webvanta.com), clicking the Login link at the top, and entering your subdomain.

If the Login Page Doesn't Work

Because the /login page is customizable, it is entirely possible to break it while updating your site. For example, if you change the template so there is no region named "body", then the login page won't know where to put its content. Or you might accidentally delete the /login page, or set it to Draft, which will create a "not found" error when you try to access it.

To access the site when the login page doesn't work, browse to:

  • http://subdomain.webvanta.com/a or
  • http://mysitedomain.com/a

This will take you to a system-generated, non-customizable login page, which should work in all cases. Once you have access to your site, you can fix any issues with the /login page.

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