how do i make it so image renditions are now made for a file of images?

I note this on this page: (and i believe it is out of date and new instructions are needed)

Generating Renditions

The renditions are generated when you upload an image, unless you uncheck the box in the Processing Options section of the upload dialog labeled "Generate Thumbnails".

If you want to regenerate the renditions for an image you have already uploaded (if you have changed the Config Setting that determines what renditions are generated, or didn't check "Generate Thumbnails" when you first uploaded the image), select the file in the asset list (Content > Images and Files), click Update File, make sure Create Thumbnails is checked in the Processing Options section of the dialog, and click Save. Note that you do not need to specify a file to upload, if you want to work with the already-uploaded file as the master.


EXCEPT, i am unable to select the file and then generate renditions for all inclosed images that originally had the button unselected.  is there an easy way to do this now rather than going to each individual image and re-checking the "create renditions" checkbox? Or am i missing something?


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    Michael Slater

    If you originally unchecked "generate renditions" when uploading a file, you will need to go through those files one by one and check the box, OR it may be simpler to just zip up all the files and re-upload them, checking the box this time.

    You can select a folder and then click the "REGEN" button, and that will regenerate the renditions for any file in the folder for which the renditions box was checked, but it will not change the state of the checkbox.

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    Michael Slater

    I have also made a number of updates to the article you referenced, at

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