What kind of online chat solutions do you suggest we use with Webvanta? Are you aware of any that have the ability to integrate with Mobile Devices? Say, send a SMS or start a mobile chat?


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    Michael Slater

    All of the chat services integrate through simple JavaScript snippets, so you can use any of them. Their prices and feature sets vary widely.

    We're currently using as our support chat. It is reasonably good and inexpensive.

    We've used in the past, and while it is much more feature-rich, particularly for managers of chat agents, we found the pricing to be unreasonably high and the support slow.

    We're currently exploring

    We've heard some good things about BoldChat.

    Bottom line, this choice has nothing to do with Webvanta -- you need to choose the service with the features you want at a price you can afford, and the array of options is complex.

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    Jennings Hanna

    Thanks Michael! We'll start digging. :D

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