Recurring Events

I have a client that wants to add things like a class every Wednesday at 4:00 O'clock on the calendar. I looked at the Full Calendar docs and it can be done with javascript but i am not sure how that would work with Webvanta plus it would be better to have the events link to a single page describing the recurring event.

Any ideas?

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    Michael Slater

    The standard Event item type does not have any concept of recurring events, nor does (as far as I can see) FullCalendar have any direct support.

    You could use a custom item type to store your events, instead of the standard event type. You'd add fields to specify the recurrence (perhaps checkboxes for "repeats weekly" or "repeats monthly") and also an end date. If you need to support patterns like "first monday of every month" that gets more complicated.

    Then you would need to use JavaScript to interpret this data and generate multiple individual events when initializing FullCalendar.

    If you wanted us to build something like this for you, it is probably 4-8 hours of work, depending on how much flexibility you need.

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