Editable regions and database content

I've created a custom item type that is being displayed on a page.  The custom item type has two fields which are name and description.  I've wrapped the description field with a <w:kb:edit> tag so that the description can be updated.  

When I click the button to make the page editable the content region is editable and so is the description field.  Is it possible to set this up so that the region is not editable but the description field still is.  Also, while the description is editable it also makes the item name editable is there a way to make only the description editable and not the name? 

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    Michael Slater

    These are great suggestions, and we will be adding capabilities along these lines in the future.

    At the moment, there's not a way to disable the region edit capability, and <w:kb:edit> provides a link to the form for the entire database item.

    One change we have planned is to not show the region edit icon for content editors for any region that involves WebvantaScript, which would address your first issue.

    The second issue is more complex, as the forms for editing a database item always show all fields. I understand why it would be useful to be able to constrain this to specific fields, and we'll add that to our wish list.

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