Editing automated pages

When someone sends a message from the contact page, the site returns the following page:


This page is completely misaligned, pushing page content to the upper-left within the content wrapper (at 0,0). This causes overlap with the background image, making it difficult to read. How can I edit this page so that it uses the same template as all the rest of the pages on the site?

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    Michael Slater

    Click the triangle next to the contact page in the page list, and you'll see the contact-thanks page. This page, and all the other system pages (such as log in and the 404 error page), use the single_column template, so you should either make that template match your design or change the template for all the system pages (expand the system page group in the page list to see them all).

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    Lynda Williams

    Then it's a really good thing I asked. I was going to delete the original templates that came with my site! But if I did that, then I'd lose all the system pages. Ooops! LOL

    Thanks. That's an easy fix.

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