Making my site live

How do I make my site appear to everyone? I must be blind or something, but I can't find it anywhere in the control panel or here in the support area.

I'm going to continue with the free version for awhile, but in a few months i'll be upgrading to the Pro level. I can't redirect my domain name because I have an unlimited account there and host too many sites on my server for free, but I can do a PHP redirect at that end and point the index.php here. But i need to be live to the public, and it's not at this point.

If I figure that out before you get to this, I'll let you know. :)


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    Michael Slater

    I've made this live for you.

    Making sites live is something we do manually, so we can keep the spam sites out.

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    Lynda Williams

    Fantastic - thank you so much! MERRY CHRISTMAS! :)

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