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Please keep in mind that I am not an expert web developer when you answer this...  I am looking to have some kind of listing at the top of our Services page providing the categories of services, where someone can click the category to bring them lower on the page where the details of that category are provided.


Thank you

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    Michael Slater

    You can do this with standard HTML anchor tags.

    Here's an article that may help:

    At the start of the detail text, you'd create an anchor:

    <a name="category-one">Category One</a>

    And then at the top of the page you can easily create the jump:

    <a href="#category-one">Jump to Category One</a>

    Note the required # in the href attribute, but not in the name attribute.

    If you are doing this with Webvanta database content, it is slightly more involved to set up, because you need to automatically generate the anchor attribute; you can do that <w:id />.

    If you're doing this on a particular Webvanta site, please provide a pointer and we can give you more specifics.

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    Related to this topic, what file extension will work to link to an anchor from another page on the website?

    For example, I want to link to <a name="category-one">Category One</a> on PageA from PageB.

                   <a href="/pageB.[?]#category-one">go to category one</a>

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    Michael Slater

    Use the URL of the page. If it is a Webvanta site, typically there is no file extension.

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