How do I hide item types from the content drop down menu in the admin UI?

Go to Settings > Global Settings in the admin UI.  Click the "Add configuration setting" button to create a new setting. The name of the setting is "" (without the quotes). The value should be a comma separated list of the menu items you want removed such as "Articles, Posts, Books, Events" (without the quotes).

You will have to refresh the admin UI in your browser window to see the changes.  If that doesn't work log out then log back in.

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    Daniel Gonzalez

    Thanks for this.  Very useful!  Just a quick addition, the comma separated list needs to be the item type label in order for it to be removed.  I tried "article, posts etc..." but it had to be Article, Blog Post..." (case sensitive) just as in the content drop down menu in order for the item types to be removed.

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