Iterating over multiple item types



I have the following database setup:

Custom Item Type: Conference with fields: Name; Session=(related Item type to custom item type 'Session')

Custom Item Type: Session with fields: Topic; Speaker=(related Item type to custom item type 'Speaker')

Custom Item Type: Speaker with fields: Name; Position; Job


I would like to know if it is possible to iterate over multiple types for e.g.

For all Conferences...

  For all related Sessions ...

     For all related Speakers ...

     End Speaker loop.

  End Session loop.

End Conference loop.

To display:

Conference World Peace

    Topic 1 - How to achieve world peace

                  by Johny Bravo - MD of WorldPeace

    Topic 2 - How to avoid world peace

                  by Mickey Rourke - MD of NoWorldPeace


I know it is possible to iterate over one specific type and then iterating over all the items a related item field. For e.g. I managed to loop over the sessions related to a conference, but then I couldn't figure out how to display the speaker related to the session: 



<w:for_each in="session">

   <w:get name="in.topic" />

**********get the related speaker information *********




Hope this make sense.



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