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I know, stupid question.

I can't get the webvanta image-related scripts to do anything.

I uploaded two images under /portal and tagged both as "Portal" (See here: http://skitch.com/jonkern/dqx6t/images-files-control-panel)

I added the sample script from two "User Manual" pages as follows:


<p>The portal app is designed to leverage an existing back-end policy system such as Phoenix.</p>
  Try assets
  <w:assets:each tag="portal">
    <img src="<w:path />">

  Try renditions
  <w:assets tag='Portal'>
      <w:if_rendition name='thumb'>
        <a href="<w:path />"><img src="<w:path rendition='thumb' />"></a><br />
<p>Try to link image to the thumb:</p>
<br />
  <a href="/portal_app/Sales_Portal_Platform.png"><img src="<w:asset name='/portal_app/Sales_Portal_Platform.png' rendition='thumb' />"></a><br />
  Just the thumnail image:
  <img src="<w:asset name='/portal_app/Sales_Portal_Platform.png' rendition='thumb' />" /><br />
<p>We use a "constellation" of related support tools to enable Underwriters and Developers to maintain the system.
  <img src="<w:asset  name='/portal_app/ConstellationOfSystems.png' rendition='thumb' />" /><br />


And you can see the result here:


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    Jon Kern

    DUH, the code needs to be "category" not "tag" in these lines:

    <w:assets:each tag="portal">

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    Michael Slater

    Glad you got this working.

    Webvanta has both tags and categories, which can sometimes be confusing. In general, categories are more powerful, but tags can be useful when you just want to mark a set of images for display on a certain page, for example.

    And of course, as you found out, you need to be sure that if you're using categories you're not testing for tags, and vice versa!

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