A quick guide to the Webvanta 2.0 interface

The Webvanta 2.0 user interface has been completely redesigned, but all of the 1.0 features are there. Some things have been rearranged and work a little differently, so it may take a little getting used to. But we're confident you will find it easier and more productive once you've used it a bit.

Below are some notes on the major changes to help you learn the new interface:

  • The Pages screen is now under the Structure menu, instead of being a top-level menu item of its own.
  • The interface for defining your site's menu now has its own screen, instead of being a section at the top of the main Pages screen.
  • CSS, JavaScript, XML, and Snippets, formerly in the Design menu, are now in the Structure menu.
  • Config Settings, formerly in the Design menu, are now in the Settings menu and are called Global Settings.
  • The Content menu is mostly the same, but you'll now find Images & Files at the top instead of the bottom.
  • The Knowledgebase pages have been broken out and are listed separately on the Content menu, so you'll find separate items there for Links, Books, and Events (formerly all managed as Knowledgebase Items)
  • The Database Setup menu has been renamed simply Database.
  • Custom Item Types are now simply Item Types.
  • The former Item Types screen is now Link Types, since what you're creating there is just other names for types of links.
  • The screens formerly accessed via the Site Admin menu are now split across the People, Submissions, and Settings menus.
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