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Michael Slater Jul 11 Bugs & Fixes

When someone fills in a form on your site, you typically will receive a notification email (depending on the site setup).

In the past, we have set the "reply-to" address to the email address that your visitor entered in the form. This is convenient, because it allows you to simply reply to the notification email, and the response goes to the person who filled in the form.

To reduce the chances of notification emails being rejected, however, we have changed all notification messages to use "no-reply@webvanta.com" as the "reply-to" address. (Note: if you are a private-label partner, the "reply-to" address will be no-reply@yourdomain.com.)

This change was necessitated by changes that Yahoo and AOL have made to something called their DMARC policy. Essentially, this tells other mail systems that they should reject any mail with a "from" address at the Yahoo or AOL domains, if the message did not actually come from Yahoo or AOL.

The result of the Yahoo and AOL policy changes was that if someone filled out your form and entered a Yahoo or AOL email address, there was a high likelihood that you would never receive the notification email.

The change to using no-reply@webvanta.com as the notification "from" address eliminates this deliverability issue.

To reply to form notifications, users must copy the email address from the body of the message and paste it into the "to" field.

Update: Fix in the Works

We are investigating ways to restore the previous behavior without running afoul of the new Yahoo and AOL policies. We expect to deploy an update in early August to address this issue.

Michael Slater March 22, 2010 Announcements

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